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Join the Founders of Wonder Women Mastery in our FIRST EXCLUSIVE In-Person Mastermind!

Join Us Face to Face in Venice, CA. May 13th-14th 2022

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It’s Time to Experience the Big Breakthrough You’ve Been Praying For.

Unlike what many men make out, there’s so much more to a healthy, happy and successful lifestyle than just executing the next best business strategy.

As Female Entrepreneurs we’re tasked with the intricate yet extremely rewarding challenge of mastering our business, relational and personal lives. It’s certainly no small feat!

I understand because I’ve been there. Juggling endless emails and calls, taking care of friends and family, making tiny humans, managing an entire household, you name it. It can easily feel like there’s just too much to do…

But it IS possible. You CAN achieve your goals. You ARE a Wonder Woman!

That’s why Jessica, Lisa and I are inviting you to join us on our first ever
in-person Mastermind! We know how much power there is when women come together to support other powerful women.

And we’d love nothing more than to be your personal coach and mentors to help YOU successfully execute on your goals. Be it launching a new business, generating more revenue or creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

To keep your experience as rich as possible we’ve limited our mastermind to 12 attendees. You can fill out the application form to save your seat!

To your success,

Lynee Palacios, Co-Founder of Wonder Women Mastery

Wonder Women MASTERMIND: Venice CA, May 13th

Event Details

What’s the Plan?

We are hosting our mastermind in a fabulous private venue located in Venice, California! This will be an ALL DAY event, from Friday morning ‘til night. Full details are delivered after application approval.

Goal Smashing

Ready to open the floodgates on your revenue streams? Want to start an online business? Write a top-selling book? Let’s get your goals crystal clear. Then let’s strategise you smashing through them.

Dream Launching

This is your chance to catapault yourself towards your dream lifestyle. Voice out your biggest, wildest dreams and take full advantage of our coaching and mentoring to make it YOUR new reality.

Eat Well & Think Well!

With much thought comes much hunger! We’re providing a complimentary Breakfast and Lunch on Friday, the day of the Mastermind Event. You’re more than welcome to join us for Dinner too!

Pool Party?!

And with everything said and done, it’ll be time to celebrate the new, upcoming chapter of your life! Stay for the weekend and join us for a Private Pool Party on Saturday!
(Overnight accommodation not included)

Wonder Women Mastery

MASTERMIND: Venice CA, May 13th

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