How Some Female Entrepreneurs Use Sex to Perform Better at Work [Here’s How Your Inner G Can Help You Get Sh*t Done]

Client X and SEX

Dear Fempire,

SEX. Nooky. Making Love. Boom boom. Getting it in. Doin’ it.  Whatever you call it, there’s more to it than just intertwined limbs and sweat-drenched sheets. Whether you’re doing it with someone, or hanging out alone, it’s a necessary part of life… and it’s time to switch up your outlook around sex and get your drive back!

We balance work, family, and crazy schedules that at times leave us falling into our bed at the end of the day, just to wake up and perform like a Wonder Woman all over again.  Did you know that not having a sex life can directly affect your work?! Time to bring sexy back, and also your emotional wellness, to live a powerful life that includes a healthy relationship with steady sexual activity and pleasure. When you allow this you’ll see big changes, and we have the proof, right here in this blog!


The Sex Challenge

Here’s what happened when the three CEO’s  of Wonder Women Mastery: Lisa, Lynee, and Jess, gave their VIP Client (Client X),  a “Sex Challenge”.  She wasn’t feeling very feminine, and this was disrupting the process of her branding as they were trying to extract her values and interests.

Lisa tapped into this and asked the genius question, “Are you not feminine or are you having trouble connecting to your feminine side?” Client X replied with a pause, “I think you’re right, I’m just insecure, so I’m not allowing myself to feel… like a girl”.  When prompted, she confirmed that this was  playing out into the bedroom as well!

An hour later Client X left with her new homework, a SEX CHALLENGE! In order to get back in touch with her feminine side, her feminine side needed to be… well… touched.

YES. This is a part of how we perform and show UP for our businesses! No one will make great progress while huddling in their insecurities and loneliness. We are not your typical women! As Wonder Women, we are capable of the same success, but we choose to reach it differently by having different outlets (aka sex). We must be nourished differently! This is a very special way Wonder Women look out for the Fempire by making sure women are completely balanced.


“No more secrets or prudence keeping us from using our bodies to connect more FULLY to our mission.” -WWM


The Sex Challenge

When you’re in touch with your Inner G, all heaven breaks loose. Instead of emailing that last client before bed: Shut the laptop and put on some sexy lingerie ladies… because it’s proven you will have more energy, be more alert, inspired, and determined the next day! You will be happy you didn’t email that client back before bed. Sorry client, we have other “business” to take care of!


Here’s the report back from Client X’s Sexcess Story:

  • She performed better at work
  • Got a change of perspective
  • Ability to stop – breathe – think – act
  • Grew her confidence
  • Personality change – she was bubblier, funny, and witty
  • Improved sleep


Sciency Stuff (The Reported Physiological Benefits of the Big O)

You know what we mean when we say big O… right? ORGASM! What are they and why do they feel so goood?

  • Neuroscientist Adam Safron did research and has figured out how rhythmic stimulation alters our brain activity during climax, which explains why they feel so good. In other words, sexual stimulation activates our neurons in just the right way that we get hit with the feelings of pure bliss. When this happens we focus mainly on the intense pleasurable sensation that we are experiencing, and nothing else. (Thanks for the info, marieclair.co.uk)
  • Sex in all forms can trigger the release of our favorite neurotransmitter; dopamine. Did you know that this is also associated with the mesolimbic pathway? Aka, the reward pathway. Another reason why we always tell you to CELEBRATE YOUR WINS! Rewarding yourself connects pleasure to accomplishing your tasks or goals. BOOM. (or should we say boom boom?) Celebrate and share your wins… if you don’t know who to share them to? Now you do.
  • It also releases oxytocin, which is sometimes referred to as the “love hormone” and increases when experiencing the big O or even hugging! With all of that being said, when we play, so do our neurotransmitters, making sex an all nat-ur-al  mood booster, with the benefits flowing on over into the next day. That’s what we like to hear. (Thanks for the facts, today.oregonstate.edu)
  • Orgasms and how they impact our work: Researchers kept track of 159 married employees (you don’t have to be married for these results to happen!) over the span of a couple of weeks and asked them to complete two surveys each day. They found that the employees who had sex had more positive moods the next days and especially in the morning which led to “more sustained work engagement and job satisfaction throughout the workday.” (Sourced again: today.oregonstate.edu… thank you!)

The Lesson? Take time out of your schedule for sex! Whether it be every other day, twice a week, whatever you gotta do… do it! And we mean, really do it. You will see it’s pretty aligned with what Client X experienced. She is living proof that it works! Keep reading to learn how to awaken your Inner Goddess, Inner Sexual Gangster, Inner G-Spot (or all 3) and perform better at home and in the office.


Awaken Your Inner G

We all have an inner goddess and it’s time to touch her… we mean get in touch with her. (The puns won’t stop, so just get used to it now). When you’re aligned with your feminine energy, you become aligned with your inner goddess. She is your best friend and key to access your highest best self..


“Pay attention to her, because when you do, she will shine and therefore so will you. “ -WWM


It’s easy to lose sight of her because when we are constantly going-going-going, we aren’t thinking about anything, but what’s next on our agenda, and at times we struggle in life and may become disconnected from her. It’s okay if that happens, we just have to be aware, acknowledge it, and do our best to activate her again. When we saw that Client X needed our help, we planted the seed of activating her inner goddess. When we did that, she made waves (like…literally). Now here we are, telling you how you can do this too. You’re welcome in advance.


How To Activate Your Inner Goddess:

  • Embrace your sensitive side: Be emotional! Forget about society’s expectations around outwardly feeling emotions as women. It’s not a weakness. When you’re feeling all of your emotions and being with them (especially the uncomfortable ones) you are one hundred percent connecting with your inner G. When you have these emotions, SHARE THEM. Write them down. Whatever it is you do, just embrace the hell outta them.
  • Relentlessly support other women: Learn to collaborate with other women without competition or comparison. There is enough good to go around and we can support each other in getting what we desire in life. Don’t be afraid of other women. Instead, love them fiercely. Forget envy and jealousy and celebrate our fellow sisters and their accomplishments. Relentlessly supporting other women, is a Wonder Woman MOVE! (link to free group)
  • Drop your defenses and let love lead the way: For decades women have been told to shut up and stay in their lane, thus belittling our inner goddess. Yes, the world can be a scary place. That doesn’t mean we don’t fight for what is rightfully ours, and what could be one day. It’s past the time of keeping walls up around our hearts! Let’s tear them down! Despite all of the hardships we go through and all of the negativity in the world, love always wins. Your inner goddess is love.
  • Let beauty into your environment: In other words, create a sacred space for you and your inner G. Declutter your life, office, and bedroom by getting rid of things that don’t serve you anymore. Create art, frame it, and put it on your walls. Not an artist? Support a fellow artist! Light candles, smell essential oils, listen to music. Surround yourself around beauty so that creativity happens. After all, it is connected to our divine femininity which is literally directly connected to our sacral chakra (aka sexual energy ladies!)
  • Your body is a spiritual palace, treat her like so: Take care of her. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy, unprocessed foods. Move around in a way that feels good to you. Dance, do yoga, run, swim, skip. Remind yourself often that you are a GODDESS. Let’s normalize pleasure, whether it be masturbation or having sex. Stand in front of a mirror naked and appreciate yourself, because you are beautiful. Forget being perfect. Learn to love your flaws and become your true authentic self.


Normalize Sexual Health and Discussion Amongst Our Fempire, Friends, and More

Let’s talk about sex, lay-dees. Seriously though, let’s talk about sex! Normalize talking about sexual health to NOT ONLY our fempire and friends, but to our doctors, partners, and even our children (when they’re ready). Sexual health is an essential part of being a human and has many positive aspects to it (like being happier, getting creative, and overall healthier), but there are also illnesses and unintended consequences which can affect us negatively. Client X didn’t know what she was struggling with because no one was asking her the right questions. With an open discussion of our sexuality and the issues that can arise without it, it’s our responsibility to communicate this, and that’s exactly what we did with our VIP Client X. Communicate it with those around us, and most importantly with ourselves. Need some support? We gotchu.

Fempire Stats: 

  • The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings that are super sensitive. Ahem, ladies…. You know what to do…. (Thanks for that, huffpost!)
  • We think about sex 10 times a day on average—not much more often than food or sleep. (Source: Journal of Sex Research


Going “Deep” (pun totally intended)

Women might have some apprehension about connecting intimately with their partners. So did client X. This will allow healing for yourself and your marriage (if you’re in one), so here’s how to prep before you talk about this with your partner:

  1. Let him support you, instead of thinking he doesn’t care. It’s likely you’re repeating a story in your head. Sometimes we make up stories to find meaning in actions, or lack thereof. When you find yourself making up a story: Write it down, breathe, and focus on the present.
  2. Let him help you, instead of thinking you have to do it to get it right. If he wants to drive 30 minutes to bring you dinner, let him! Get out of your head and let him love you.
  3. Let him be attracted to you. Instead of telling him you’re not pretty or sexy, own your body and your pretty face. There is a reason he is with you. He loves you for who you are. When Client X started having more sex she stopped shying away from the mirror. She stopped caring about her “mom boobs”. She started to be more comfortable in her very own skin.
  4. Darlings, let him make love to you! It will heal the both of you, and allow yourself to be in his moment. Don’t hold out just because he didn’t catch the wink you threw two days ago. See his moment and be with him in it.


Let’s Reflect on Sex

Now that we dove deep into sex and how it benefits us, we hope you’re ready to not only go out there and be turned on for you, but for life. When we are sexually active we are empowered women and we own it and respect ourselves for it. We are in control of our Inner G and there’s no way we are about to chill out because of other people’s standards. Only our own standards matter now. Moving forward we will be gracing our inner goddess’ with our presence and we will light that fire from within and gain the confidence we have had all along. No more sitting around holding our breath waiting to be seen. We are in charge of our fire and how dim or bright it glows.

Opportunities await. Are you ready to ooze success.. And other things? Time to fulfill your fantasies ladies. All of them!

We hope you are able to see what we see! Sexy, unstoppable, successful Wonder Women! We offer support you may not have known was possible and if you’re interested in your own Sex Challenge, please by all means contact us and we will set up a discovery call to see if you’re a fit for our Membership or VIP.

Listen to your body and remember that your Inner Goddess is ALWAYS with you. And so are we.


Wonder Women Mastery

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