How To Become A Female Powerhouse [6 Tips To Cultivating Your Ambition]

Learn How To Discover, Identify, And Empower The Woman You KNOW YOU WILL BECOME!

Wonder Women Mastery is a global community full of like minded women on individual journeys. Collaborate on strategies to grow your business from the ground up, or create and maintain a positive and healthy work-lifebalance! If you’re a fempreneur, then this is for you!

But First, What The Hell Is A Female Powerhouse Anyway?

(aka, a wonder woman)

A FEMALE POWERHOUSE is a mindset. A learned behavior. We don’t just wake up one day and BOOM we are Female Powerhouses. (Although, that’d be pretty awesome.) It takes work and work on ourselves first. A Female Powerhouse is a woman who takes charge RELENTLESSLY, regardless of the cultures or environments that surround her. Someone who surrounds herself with like minded women : CLEAR visions and HIGH Standards. And Not only that, but she (and we in Wonder Women Mastery) has the urge to always learn more. This isn’t up for discussion ladies, mk? Constant growth is a MUST If we aren’t constantly evolving into our badassery, then what the hell are we doing!? Don’t just settle for pushing to succeed PUSH. TO. LIVE. It’s time to buckle down and live the life we were always meant to live. To identify the woman you KNOW YOU WILL BECOME.

“We are NO LONGER going to gently knock on the door to success – WE ARE GONNA KICK IT DOWN.” – WWM

Let’s shine some light for a second. Here are 5 iconic Powerhouse Women

They have ALL helped change the world:

  1. Kamala Harris – First woman AND first woman of color as Vice President of the United States.
  2. Michelle Obama – Married to the 44th President of the United States. Encourages women to use their voices. (That’s our kind of woman!)
  3. Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman herself, kicking ass and taking names in the name of love and feminism.
  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – created, protected, and enforced women’s rights. Holy Powerhouse. 
  5. Amelia Earhart – she was part of the women’s suffrage movement and fought relentlessly to support women’s rights. She’s used her platform of being a female pilot to execute this and defy odds.


Having The Audacity To Be Ambitious

Be extraordinary enough to shine a light on the world, even in the way you think, grow, and develop. Rewrite your own story, because we both know that the story other people wrote for you – just won’t do. Audacity is about daring to defy these odds!

“Kick down the door and hold it open for the women behind you.” – WWM

Powerhouse women don’t just kick the door down, we hold the door open for the women behind us, on the same journey. Transform the negative energy to chase whatever you want in life, ladies. Use it as fuel. You owe it to yourSELF. And please, have the audacity to create a legacy of your own. Need a little help? We gotchu.

We get it. You know what you want and HOW you want to show up, but you need a little guidance and encouragement! Continue reading below to learn how to cultivate your own ambitious lifestyle!

6 Tips To Help Cultivate Ambition:

1. Fiercely Support Other Females

“When you hear gossip, let it stop with you” –WWM

There is a time and place for everything, right? But why choose to hold back from empowering women – or making them feel better about themselves? Lord knows we all struggle now and then just trying to love ourselves. When you hear gossip others, let it stop with you – it’s a reflection of their own standards. Don’t be like them, be a light instead, because we can’t judge someone else for how they spend their time. If we don’t care about other women, how else can we foster this in our own daughters and future generationsThe world will be better for it.

Powerhouse Women aren’t creators of negative energy! If there’s an issue, we confront it with sass and we nip it in the bud. We are a force to be reckoned with. So remember to fiercely support other women, because society can’t afford not to. We are each other’s allies in this crazy world of expectations. Let’s have one another’s back – TOGETHER, WE CAN GO FURTHER. Besides, when it’s all Love – It’s more fun. If someone else tears you down. It’s probably because she is hurting on the inside… We can encourage, empower, and uplift other women -equally- along our own paths. Do this – because we’re all in this together, QUEENS!

“Wonder Women understand there’s enough success for everyone”– WWM

2. Putting Off Procrastination

Ohhhh yeah, this is a good one. Something we have all fallen victim to. (And if not, you’re a rare breed, and why are reading this? lol.)  It’s time to normalize getting shit done BEFORE IT IS DUE. Eliminate the feeling that we don’t have the competence to do a task or make a decision. YOU ARE RESOURCEFUL. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Quit thinking you aren’t. (Aka perfectionism) That’s a load of… well… you know. If it takes you 4 days to write 2 paragraphs – you’re trying to make it perfect. Cut it out. You say you’ll do something next week, why not do it now? What’s stopping you?

“Create a structure that suits your style and MASTER THE HELL OUT OF IT.” – WWM

What it all boils down to, ladies, is simply time management. And if you’re not clear on your goals or priorities, you’ll never manage your time wisely. Reminder: Give yourself grace as you are mastering time management. Time block time block time block. Also, make sure you’re creating time for your family and your friends, and for yourself. Don’t just set aside little windows, create a structure that suits your style (aka a routine) and MASTER THE HELL OUT OF IT. Something traumatic does not have to happen for you to have massive results or discipline. All you’ve got to do is decide and commit to something you want. Set goals. Follow through. Create Accountability For Yourself!

3. Ask What You Want From Yourself – And Deliver.

Seriously though, ask yourself! Do you want to leave your 9-5? Go on a vacation? What do you need to implement to grow? There are many questions we can ask you, but what you desire is for you to figure out. You have the freedom to ask for anything from yourself. Take control of your life – go ahead! Create this conversation with yourself. It is solely up to you on whether or not you make that happen. We are gonna be straight forward here ladies: If you want to make a certain amount of money this year. Reverse engineer that bitch! Seriously! It’s not as hard as you think it is. It’s a matter of making the choice to DECIDE. Decide to look within and find out what you REALLY want, then being resourceful enough to find it.

[Bonus Tip] Look within yourself and ask yourself what you are capable of, because… to get results… you have to take action. Have you decided yet? GREAT! Write it down now! 

When you are ready to take action to grow yourself, you can learn from mentors or people who are just one step ahead. You can actually take action towards these accomplishments by asking or searching for help from a supportive community!

Schedule to begin that journey, put it in your calendar. DO IT. And let us know! We want to hold you accountable!

4. The Audacity To Be Ambitious [Defying Odds And Expectations]

Being a female powerhouse means no more submitting to the old school ways of history, and no more of that history repeating itself bull. Society in our history has (mis)placed strict rules on women. *Rolls eyes* With time comes change, and now women have more rights and are more dominant than ever. (Hell yeah Kamala Harris!) It’s not really a question of who is going to let you do the things you aspire to do, but who is going to stop you? The biggest thing in your way isn’t other people, babe. IT’S YOU. One of Wonder Women Mastery’s CEO’s created a podcast specifically about the Audacity to be Ambitious (like, literally – that’s the title). Click here, to check it out.

5. How To Build Your Team [Squad/Tribe/Fempire]

This isn’t about building just any team. It’s about building YOUR team. YOUR support system. First of all, check the environment you’re in. Have you heard anyone say, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with?” Well, it’s true. If you’re hanging around people who aren’t nourishing your soul or growing, whether it be within themselves or with you,  you won’t growSome of us learned this the hard way, and that’s okay. It’s not that we don’t love old friends… it’s actually okay to grow out of friendships. It’s okay to make NEW friends, with like-minded people.

Find the friend who asks, “What’s next?” or “Have you taken time for yourself today?”

Any time we are met with a change in environment – our brain throws up stop signs. Why? Oh, because the human brain thinks it feels safe to stop what we are doing and resort back to our old ways. The reality is; any time we try to do something different or uncomfortable, it’s hard for our brains to accept it because this is our brain not liking to step out of its comfort zone. Well, that’s too bad, because stepping out of our comfort zone creates growth. When people have visions for themselves. (Like you have for yourself) Find the friend who asks, “What’s next?” or “Have you taken time for yourself today?”

See, doesn’t that feel better? Find the people who check in on youDiscover like-minded women, who share the same vision as you. This can be the most POWERFUL part of your foundation for success… IF you play your cards right.

“Race unapologetically towards your dream!“ -WWM



In the U.S. alone, women make up just over half of the population, and they’re accountable for over $39 trillion dollars. That puts them in charge of 30% of the world’s wealth, and the number is growing.  (Thank you Nielsen.com!)

Holy cannoli ladies, let’s pat ourselves on the BACK and keep doin’ the damn thing

This is only the beginning of our Fempire. We want to help you create your legacy. It can be anything that you want it to be. The thing is, the only way that it is going to be a legacy – is if it’s true to you and fulfills you and serves your purpose. 

It’s Time For Reflection

Reflect on who is behind you. Feel like you don’t have anyone? Well you do now… we offer you RE-LENT-LESS support within the Wonder Women Mastery Membership and VIP.
Do you have what it takes? To love yourself to success? To be ambitious enough to chase your dream?

We KNOW you do, now it’s time you see what we see.

It’s time to use our voice and take action. The call for an awakening over the decades has been strong and loud among women of different ages, social status, and cultural backgrounds. We’ve been submissive for far too long, unaware of our potential and possibilities that have settled within. Welp, it’s time to ignite that flame within and realize what we are capable of.

Time to MAKE something of it.

Time to become the women you were always meant to grow into!

A Female Powerhouse.

 A Wonder Woman.

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