How to Organize Your Mind and Your Time To Reach “Impossible Goals” [7 Tips On How to Survive and Thrive As a Female Entrepreneur]

Organize Our Mind & Time… Pfft… Do We Really Have To?

We don’t want to live day to day just trying to survive, that’s why we have to do this. Some women are running businesses, caring for our families, and just trying to do it all. Trying to get through life, not sure what’s on the other side of today. And hey, ALL of us are guilty of talking about creating goals, then not creating them. Or creating them and then not following through. We often find ourselves saying that we don’t have time or that something is impossible.   Let’s just say, shit…we mean ‘life’,  happens ladies. It’s okay to fall down, we just have to keep getting back up, and never give up on the person within.

It’s time for you to see what we see. (A Wonder Woman with the audacity to  change her life!)  We don’t have to wait for something big to happen to us (aka a defining moment) to change our course. We get to simply create it, by CHOOSING to organize our mind and time and reach our goals… Especially the impossible ones.

The Wonder Women Definition: An IMPOSSIBLE GOAL – A very difficult challenge or task that other people don’t expect you to complete.  They say these things are interesting or too ambitious, but deep down, you know you will defy the odds.

“The word impossible can be so daunting before you have decided to take on courage.” -WWM

Creating Courage, Being Courageous, And Owning It

When you are finally face to face with hard things in life, that’s where courage is cultivated. It’s likely our minds are overrun with all of the things we need to do and with that we get lost in our old habits because it feels safer. (Like, procrastinating or not putting our laundry away…feeling attacked yet, yeah us too). It’s time to become friends with organization and commitment to form new habits! AND STICK WITH THEM! We believe in you.

Remember: Give yourself grace where it is due sis, because you’re not doin’ the damn thing for nothing, and you’re definitely not doing it alone.

No more excuses, but no more being so hard on yourself either!  When we are afraid of the word impossible, think of it as an excuse we are using for something hard. We are letting the hard thing have power over us when we are saying something is impossible. Well, not anymore.

“An excuse is simply a challenge that you decided has power over you.” – WWM

You Will Survive, Because You Are Resilient

We survived 2020 ladies. So, what makes us think we can’t survive 2021?! Or any year after. Take a second and ask yourself what your impossible goal is. Sit with it. Be with it. We aren’t going to form new habits just because it’s the New Year. We are going to form new habits because IT. IS. TIME! It’s time to get and stay organized! Here are some tips to help organize your precious minds and your precious time, because dreams won’t come to life without it. And we knoooow, it’s hard to get in the habit of organization, but trust us, it’s worth it and so are you.

1. How To Succeed Doing One Thing At A Time

Fempreneur Stat:

  •  Multitaskers make up to 50% more errors. ( Thanks author John Medina and his book, Brain Rules!)
  • The estimated cost of interruptions to the American economy is nearly $650 billion a year. (Jonathan B. Spira, chief analyst at Basex, a business-research firm — Holy moly! Thanks Jon!)

 Yes, that means NO multi-tasking, you saw the stats! We will always tell you to be ambitious, to chase your goals relentlessly, but also don’t forget to be precise and strategic. Taking the “impossible” goals on can be successfully accomplished one task at a time. We aren’t saying you can’t eat and walk at the same time or fold laundry and watch an episode of your favorite show at the same time. We are saying that when you are switching from one task to another, you’re not giving your brain enough time to refocus and it’s actually draining your energy! (Noooooo!) Yes. Stick to doing one thing at a time. Trust us, it will help….it’s a game changer!

2. Writing Things Down Is Powerful

Fempreneur Stat:

  •  Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, led a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. (We appreciate you, inc.com for this amazing fact.)

Write it down, talk about it, speak it into existence! When we hold those ambitious goals to ourselves it is because we don’t want others to know if we “fail”. This cuts deep, we know.  It’s okay to fail and it’s also okay to be held accountable. In the Wonder Women Mastery Membership, we’ve got your back with all the accountability support you need.

Hang on, while we get science-y.  Writing things down such as lists or tasks helps our brain and frees up space for other things. It also helps our prefrontal cortex (this is the part of our brain in charge of innovation, exciting!). When the brain clings to a “priority vision” it will naturally incline you towards taking actions towards that vision! So, ironically,  it’s a no brain-er to help us remember to do the important things, such as reaching those impossible goals.

Don’t Wish For It, Work For It.

3. Schedules And Deadlines For The Fempreneur

”When people don’t have a routine or structure to their day it can cause increased stress and anxiety, as well as overwhelming feelings, lack of concentration, and focus.” – Rachel Goldman, PHD

Deadlines sound so serious, BUT so are your goals, right?! We can write goals or “New Year’s resolutions” down all we want, but without a plan we might as well throw them away. A timeline can help clean up your process to the victory line! Plus, it makes it feel possible! Being on a schedule or having a routine is a sure way to help with productivity. Believe it or not, having a routine improves mental health, helps with anxiety, and also allows you the time to relax and just chill.  Make sure to give yourself time to finish a project before it’s due, in case of a last minute interruption or emergency, let’s face it…things always “come up”. Every Wonder Woman is unique, and our lives differ, but when we prepare for disruptions we can pivot easier and more efficiently.

4. Delegate Responsibilities Effectively

“Are we limiting our success by not mastering the art of delegation? …. it’s simply a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

Aka ask for help! Ladies, we can’t do everything ourselves! And just like everything else in our lives, when we don’t seek help and accountability, dreams can slip RIGHT through our fingers. WE MUST NOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! Seek help, ask someone who is good at finding help. We have to put our precious egos to the side and ask someone who can do something better or faster than us. Accept that we all have strengths, respect yours, and delegate the rest! Two, or however many,  is better than one, and when your team knows you trust them, it creates an unstoppable bond of fierce women with goals to crush and legacies to create. It’s time to release the burden of doing it all on your own! Ahh… feels better already, huh?! 

5. A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

Fempreneur Stat:

  • The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) reports that on average we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items. That’s over 8,700 hours looking for lost or misplaced things! (We didn’t know that existed either until we wrote this blog, but thanks pickupplease.org!)

  There is a part of your brain called the, “hippocampus” and it’s a complex part of the brain that plays a huge role in learning and memory.  So, if you’re the kind of person who forgets where things are, this is something to consider, because it just might save you time that you didn’t know you were wasting! Find a place for your keys. Find a place for your favorite pen. Find a place for everything!(Click here for Tips on better organizing with The Home Edit)The first step to doing this is decluttering. Heck, make a declutter list! Out with the old, in with the organized! AND Remember: There is a place for you in our community. (See what we did there?)

6. Seriously, Take Breaks – It’s Essential

Fempreneur Stat:

  •  “Medical professionals recommend looking away from your screen every 20 minutes and looking at something around 20 feet away for 20 seconds.” (Thanks, ciphr.com!)
  • Things to look at! NOT YOUR PHONE, Try this: A pretty painting or picture, a candle, crystals, a quote on your wall, outside of your window, or your furbaby!

All this organization talk can be overwhelming to the newbie organizer. Don’t worry, this is for you. When we set the impossible goals, and strive to hit them, sometimes the pressure can be overwhelming. Pressure sucks, but it’s a thing. It’s also the thing that creates diamonds, so hang in there. At times we will want to push through until we are finished, when really we should be taking time to power break. It’s not fair for our minds to force ourselves past the point of fatigue. Taking breaks is another way to process valuable information and keep it. Not only that, but movement breaks are important, ESPECIALLY if you are sitting behind a desk all day. We are out here trying to cultivate resilience ladies! Let’s get our blood pumping throughout the day! (We aren’t trying to scare you, just Love You by making sure you’re staying healthy.)

Protip: Don’t take breaks when you’re in a state of “flow”. We call this, a flowment. If you are loving what you are doing, keep on keepin’ on!

7. Be Fully Present, Mindfulness Goes A Long Way

“In this moment, there is plenty of time. In this moment, you are precisely as you should be. In this moment, there is infinite possibility.” – Victoria Moran

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” Sylvia Boorstein

You’ve probably heard us say this before, and that’s because we feel strongly about it. BE MINDFUL! Your brain thanks you if this is something you already do. This can mean taking care of yourself through meditation or just being aware of what you’re doing, and WITHOUT judgement. Being mindful isn’t just something you do, think of it as a way of life! You owe it to yourself to take this time for you, even if it’s only a 3 minute power break. Being presently aware will benefit you in the long run and those around you. When you are mindful of those around you, you are giving out good vibes and receiving them in return! Yay for abundance!


Create Your Goals, Create Your Action Plan, And GO!

Wonder Women. Now is the time to transform yourself into the organized woman you already know you are. Stop identifying with being unorganized or messy.  Believe you are organized, and prepare to be organized. It helps to keep track of your progress regularly, too. You will cultivate habits and these habits will have long-lasting results on your growth over time. When you send goals out into the abyss without checking on them, you lose sight. Sometimes, you may even forget they exist! *GASP* We can’t have that, now can we!? If it helps, find a planner, journal, or workbook and use it.

Striving for growth is human nature.

Working towards growth is how we cultivate that strengthThe meaning of life can be different for everyone, but the moments we decide to be strong, to get back up, to continue on… IT’S IN THOSE moments that we may very well FIND the meaning we are looking for. The path we take towards our goals may be bumpy at times, but to have goals (big or small, possible or not) is what makes life worthy and good. It gives us purpose and meaning, and guides us in the direction we were headed all along.

Guiding us towards our version of fulfillment, overall.  

“The meaning of life can be different for everyone, but the moments we decide to be strong, to get back up, to continue on… IT’S IN THOSE moments that we may very well FIND the meaning we are looking for.” -Wonder Woman Jess

Your Time Is Precious, Wonder Women

Don’t forget to include self-care into your day to day schedule. Yes we said it once, and we will say it again… and again… and again. When your personal life is thriving, you’ve got the energy, clarity, and focus to make BIG MOVES! (Impossible moves…) So take our tips with you wherever you go… sit with them. Be with them. Own them. 

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No matter where you go on this ride, we have your back. 

Sincerely ,

Wonder Women Mastery. 

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